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  • Experienced and accomplished certified realtime reporter with a solid background in traveling and reporting abroad
  • Extensive experience (38 years) in matters of technical realtime reporting, internet realtime, video/text streaming, computer troubleshooting, and reporting international arbitrations and litigation
  • Flawless realtime translation
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Adapts quickly to new environments and thrives on multiple tasks
  • Well-traveled, with prior work experience internationally and domestically

Registered Professional Reporter (1985)

Certified Shorthand Reporter (CO) (1986)

Registered Merit Reporter (1987)

Certified Realtime Reporter (1995)

Certified LiveNote Reporter (2004)

Realtime Systems Administrator (2010)

Registered Diplomate Reporter (2015)



Luminex, Diamante & Elan Mira

Stenograph Case CATalyst

(Version 22)

Lenovo X1 ThinkPad

(Windows 10)

Professional Recognition

Recipient:  Court Reporter of the Year Award

                   State of Colorado (1995)

Recipient:  Presidential Award

                   Colorado Court Reporters Association (1998)

Recipient:  Distinguished Service Award

                   Colorado Court Reporters Association (2003)

Recipient:  Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters 

                   National Court Reporters Association (2016)



Realtime Reporter

Knight International Court Reporting

2006 - present

Realtime Reporter - Hunter + Geist, Inc.

​1996 - 2006

Realtime Reporter​ - Attorneys Service Center

1994 - 1996

Official Reporter - United States Bankruptcy Court

​1992 - 1994

Official Reporter - Arapahoe County District Court

1986 - 1992

Overflow Reporter - State of Colorado District Courts

1984 - 1986

 Travel Log

California, Montana, Oregon, Wisconsin, WyomingEPA Superfund litigation

TexasOil and Gas arbitrations

Nevada, Arizona, Texas - Nat'l Cattlemen's Beef Association conventions

South Carolina, California, New York - FBI Compact Council meetings

Ohio - Securities litigation

Maryland - Pharmaceutical litigation

Japan - Patent litigation

Finland - Patent Litigation

South Korea - Patent litigation

Germany - Copyright and aviation litigation

Sweden - Pharmaceutical litigation

South Africa - Asbestos litigation

Denmark - Patent litigation

England - Securities and pharmaceutical litigation

Ireland - Pharmaceutical and patent litigation

Austria - International arbitration

Hong Kong - Securities litigation

Argentina - Securities litigation 

Netherlands - Pharmaceutical litigation

France - Aviation litigation

Ecuador - Environmental litigation

Switzerland - Securities litigation

Taiwan - Patent litigation

Italy - Securities litigation

Spain - Pharmaceutical litigation

Israel - Pharmaceutical litigation

        ​Realtime Seminars Conducted            

Arapahoe County Bar, Englewood, Colorado  (1990)                                          
Illinois State Bar, Chicago, Illinois   (1991)
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Salt Lake City, Utah  (1993)
Colorado Court Reporters Association, Colorado Springs, Colorado  (1996)
Colorado Court Reporters Association, Denver, Colorado  (1998)
Hunter + Geist Court Reporting, Inc., Denver, Colorado   (2000)
South Dakota Court Reporters Association, Pierre, South Dakota   (2003)
NCRA – “Realtime on the Road,” Washington, D.C.  (2009)
Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, Colorado    (2010)
Prince Institute, Denver, Colorado   (2010)
NCRA – “Young Guns:  Advanced Realtime,” Baltimore, Maryland   (2011)
Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, Colorado    (2011)
NCRA Mini Convention
Prince Institute – “Insight into the International Freelance World”  (2012)
NCRA – “Hop on Board NCRA’s TRAIN,” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   (2012)
NCRA – “Ask the Pros,” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   (2012)
STAR – “Speed, Realtime, and Beyond!”  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  (2013)
NCRA webinar (Two-part series) – “Speed, Realtime, and Beyond!” (2013)
NCRA Convention and Expo – Nashville, Tennessee (2013)
     *Wireless Networking for Beginners
     *TRAIN seminar
     *Welcome to the Tech Lab
NCRA Convention and Expo - San Francisco, California (2014)
     *Wireless 101 - Mobile Connections
     *Top Gadgets 
OCRA webinar - "The Technology Reporter" (2014)

NCRA TechCon – Denver, Colorado (2015)

      *Creating a Networking Environment

      *Live Editing in a Realtime Environment

Minnesota Association of Verbatim Court Reporters (2015)

      *The Adventures of International Court Reporting

Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association (2015)

      *Top Gadgets 

      *How to Pass your Next Certification Test

      *Master your Speed and Improve your Realtime

NCRA Convention & Expo – New York City, New York  (2015)

      *Creating a Successful Future

STAR – “The Sexy Lives of International Court Reporters” (2015)

      (presented with Mike Miller & Lisa DiMonte)

Ohio Court Reporters Association (2016)

     *Cooking Up the Profession's Experiences (Panel Discussion)

     *Carving Out Time To Create a Successful Future

Hawaii Court Reporters and Captioners Association (2016)

     *Attack the Wave (Mastering Speed and Realtime)

     *Banzai!  Would you go?  (Creating a Successful Future)

NCRA Convention & Expo - Chicago, Illinois (2016)

     *Realtime Hardware:  Learn the nuts and bolts

     *Realtime Software:  Tips, tricks & fears

       (presented with Merilee Johnson)

     *Mastery of court reporting

       (presented with Ed Varallo and Alan Brock)

NCRA Convention & Expo - Las Vegas, Nevada (2017)

      *Guantanamo Bay Reporting (panel)

       (presented with Nancy Varallo and other GTMO reporters)

     *Finding your Voice

      (presented with Nancy Bistany & Merilee Johnson)

Washington Court Reporters Association (2017)

     *Creating a Successful (and happy) Future

     *Realtime on the Road

STAR - "The Ins and Outs of Selling Services"

      (presented with Merilee Johnson)




Current National Committee Appointments

NCRA - Realtime Systems Administrator Certificate Committee        2011-2016
NCRA - TRAIN – Grassroots Realtime Task Force Committee               2011-2013
     *Co-Chair                                                                                              2013-2014
     *Chair                                                                                                    2014-2015
     *Co-Chair                                                                                              2015-2016
NCRA - Technology Evaluation Committee                                            2013-2017
NCRA - Education Content Committee                                                   2015-2018
STAR - Liaison Committee                                                                        2014-2015
STAR - Board Member                                                                               2016-2018
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